All hair trials take place in Llangollen

Holben Hairdressing

Bridge Street


LL20 8PF


Whenever you’d like but i advice you don’t leave it too close to your wedding date

What to bring

Bring along all your inspiration such as photos, pinterest board etc. I like to build up a strong understanding of what you like and what you don’t like, so I know what to avoid.

If your style requires extensions, please bring along your own set, they will need to be human hair. If you do not own any, i can colour match you at the trial and point you in the right direction to buy some.

If you’re planning on wearing any headpieces, please bring them with you. Some brides also like to bring along their veil.

If you plan to wear makeup on your wedding day, it helps to wear some for the trial, to build up a strong feel for how the look will come together, this also applies to wearing a light coloured top with a similar neckline as your dress (these are just suggestions).


Your trial can take up to two hours, so please give yourself plenty of time with parking

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