Service Package

A Bespoke Bridal Service like no other!

With a keen eye for detail and a reassuring presence, Annie has a portfolio of services and experiences she can call upon to ensure that the final preparations for your day flow smoothly.

From creating your chosen style on your wedding, right up to the moments before you are ready to make your grand entrance, Annie will make herself available to you and your bridal party to ensure that there isn’t a hair out of place and that everyone is looking their best for the ahead.

Drawing from her experience of working on Bridal and Wedding photo shoots, once Annie has completed your hair to your full satisfaction, she is happy to offer her assistance with any final preparations you may have. From helping with the dress fitting, hair pieces and attaching the veil to retouching all the tiny details and making sure that you, your dress and your wedding party are picture perfect for the photographer. And of course, if you’d like her to just go home and leave you in peace after she’s done your hair, she can do that also! Annie will take her cue from you and tailor her service to suit your individual needs on your special day.

If required, Annie can also be on hand to create a change of hair or just give you a simple refresh before your evening guests arrive.



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